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Health and Lifestyle in Modern Society

Health and Lifestyle in Modern Society This focus area revolves around the modern health and lifestyle of society. The Institute aims to make the public aware and responsible in this sphere so that they question their lifestyle and eating habits before inclining towards and adopting any new trend that surfaces in the market. It also […]
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Social Dimensions of Digital Ecosystems

Social Dimensions of Digital Ecosystems and Emerging Technologies IGPP works towards the responsible use of digital space with special focus on digital parenting, online safety and online well being. Gen Z and Gen Alpha (digital natives) are born in an age where they face challenges that are different from digital immigrants. IGPP commits itself to […]
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Energy, Environment & Climate Change

Energy, Environment & Climate Change In the area of energy, environment and climate change, we work with the Centre for Energy, Environment and Resources (CEER). Keeping with IGPP’s mission, vision & objectives, our research focuses on energy, environment and resource policies and governance in India. CEER is a newly set up research centre focused on […]
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Media, Politics and Society

Media, Politics and Society This division of the IGPP brings together economists, political scientists, sociologists and media professionals for academically rigorous, policy-relevant research to enhance our understanding of the social, political and economic effects of media through rigorous interdisciplinary research. It has a special focus on the sociology, politics and economics of new media. Apart […]
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Livelihood and Natural Resources

Livelihood and Natural Resources The importance of effective management of natural resources like land, water, vegetation and livestock for sustainable crop production and livelihoods of the rural people needs no emphasis. Considering IGPP’s mission and vision, this division of the IGPP is focused on policy issues and governance in this area. This division looks at […]
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