How will Google and MeitY's collaboration ensure a safer space for online users in India?


The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and Google have announced a collaboration to promote citizen awareness on cyber safety in India. This partnership aims to amplify MeitY's "Stay Safe Online" campaign through various initiatives.

Google will work with MeitY to enhance the campaign by conducting literacy programs focused on cyber safety, creating multilingual digital content on online safety and providing educational material on navigating information online.


The partnership is aligned with India's G20 Presidency, which emphasizes tech-enabled development. MeitY's "Stay Safe Online" campaign seeks to raise awareness among citizens, promoting cyber hygiene and educating users of all ages and backgrounds about online risks, safety measures, and responsible use of online platforms.

With the G20's presidency in hand, India aims to establish a global-standard safety ecosystem for users for all ages. Establishing a robust digital ecosystem which is transparent and transcends the boundaries of personal data protection, bringing the entire country under the ambit of data security, is one of the major objectives of India.

As part of its commitment to online safety, Google will work with MeitY to raise awareness about cyber fraud and help people identify common types of online scams. It will also focus on promoting digital literacy and online safety skills for children through the Be Internet Awesome program. This program covers a range of online safety topics and will be available in eight Indian languages through the Google Safety Centre.

Google will provide helpful tips and resources on staying safe online, including guidance on secure digital transactions and protecting online accounts through measures like password protection and two-step verification.

In addition, YouTube, owned by Google, will contribute to the initiative by launching the 'Hit Pause' program, which promotes critical thinking about online information. Google will collaborate with MeitY to create educational videos featuring YouTube creators. These videos will empower individuals to evaluate information effectively, identify misinformation, and responsibly share information online. The creators will provide guidance on establishing source credibility, verifying content with experts, and gathering reliable evidence.

This collaboration builds upon Google's previous efforts to promote online safety in partnership with MeitY. These efforts include a cybersecurity roadshow and a user awareness program on financial fraud conducted in collaboration with leading banks.

As India moves towards becoming a trillion-dollar digital economy, the partnership between MeitY and Google, along with industry-wide collaboration, aims to equip the growing number of Indian internet users with the necessary knowledge and information for a safe online experience.