These online games might be banned soon!


The Government of India has decided to ban three kinds of games, a plan which will soon be implemented. Online games will have to be cleared by certain SROs (Self Regulatory Organisations), within 90 days from announcement of the regulations. Although the blueprint for banning online games is ready, the parameters to classify the three types of games have not been clarified yet. The three kinds of games that will be banned in India are: games that involve betting, games that can be harmful to the user and games that involve a factor of addiction. This comes after various online games came under the scanner of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for operating religion conversion rackets.

Games that are harmful to the users pose threats such as information theft and fraud, while addictive games include spending unreasonable amounts of time and money. In a recent incident in China, a girl spent Rs. 52 lakhs in online game purchases over a period of four months by stealing money from her mother. Google Play Store and App Store are the two major applications that will be affected according to the new rules.


What the gaming companies can possibly do is wait for the formation of Self Regulatory Organisations (SROs) that will decide and direct what kind of games will be played or banned in the gaming arena due to the rules. Mr. Rajeev Chandrashekhar, Minister of State (MoS) for MeitY stated that if SROS aren't formed within 90 days of deadline granted in April, then MeitY will start certifying which online games are permissible or not.

As for now, the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) has taken visible steps in the direction of formulating draft model for SROs with the deadline approaching close. If industry bodies fail to propose a self-regulatory organization (SRO) for managing online gaming rules within the given three-month deadline, the Centre will establish its own SRO to oversee the administration and implementation of these rules. The Government had issued the rules for online gaming on April 6 and granted gaming companies and industry bodies three months to create an industry-led SRO that adheres to specific standards set by the Ministry.