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Effects of Social Media Influencers on Younger Generations


Amrita Tiwari, Research Associate

The impact of social media influencers/personalities on young users is more than you know! Listen to the latest episode of Unwiring Tech to find out how the content on YouTube is shaping the personalities of the youth.
Episode Summary:

Welcome to “UnwiringTech,” the podcast that dives into the impact of social media on our lives. I’m your host, Amrita, and today we’re going to discuss the rising influence of social media personalities on younger generations, with a focus on the recent incident involving YouTuber Thoppi.

Host – Over the past decade, YouTube has emerged as one of the most popular platforms for streaming content, with children and teenagers utilizing it for a wide range of purposes. From educational videos to live-streamed gaming sessions, YouTube provides a vast array of content. However, the platform’s accessibility and lack of restrictions can raise concerns about the kind of content to which children are exposed.

Host – One YouTuber who gained significant popularity among high school students is Nihad, also known as Thoppi. He rose to fame through his gaming videos, but what set him apart was his use of inappropriate and offensive language. Despite this behavior, he amassed a large following, primarily consisting of young school going boys.

Host – Recently, Thoppi made headlines when he stepped out of his comfort zone and started venturing outside his room. His fans were excited to see him in real-life situations. Numerous videos on social media showcased young boys explaining why they were fans of Thoppi, even though they were aware of his offensive language. Some even appreciated that he avoided interactions with women.

Host – However, Thoppi’s actions took a turn for the worse when he was arrested by the Kerala police. During the inauguration of a nearby shop, he used foul language in a song and live-streamed the event on his YouTube channel. This led to complaints being filed against him, not only for his offensive language but also for violating the IT Act by sharing a video containing obscene language.

Host – The incident involving Thoppi raises important questions about the influence of social media personalities on younger generations. The fact that children and teenagers look up to individuals like Thoppi, despite his inappropriate behavior, highlights the impact these personalities can have on shaping their behaviors and attitudes.

Host – It’s essential for us as a society to recognize the significance of age-appropriate and educational content on platforms like YouTube. While there is a wealth of valuable material available, it’s crucial for parents, educators, and policymakers to promote and guide young individuals towards consuming content that is suitable for their age group

Host – By fostering a culture of responsible content consumption and encouraging the utilization of the diverse educational resources available on YouTube, we can ensure that young people have access to beneficial content that enhances their knowledge, skills, and overall well-being.

Host – That wraps up our discussion today on the impact of social media personalities and the recent incident involving Thoppi. We hope this conversation prompts further reflection and action on how we can shape the online experiences of our younger generations.

Thank you for tuning in to “Unwiring Tech.” Join us next time as we explore more topics related to the ever-evolving world of social media. Until then, take care and stay mindful of the content you consume.

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