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Livelihood and Natural Resources

  • The importance of effective management of natural resources like Land, Water, Vegetation and Livestock for Sustainable Crop Production and Livelihoods of the rural people needs no emphasis. Considering IGPP’s mission and vision, this division of the IGPP is focused on policy issues and governance in this area. This division looks at natural resources like land, water and forest from a multi-sectoral perspective, especially from the viewpoint of stakeholders. This division has the capacity to undertake research studies regarding the utilisation of natural resources in general. One of the areas that it is keen on is to address problem areas in the management of water and land resources in particular relating to specified agro climatic zones across the country.

    In addition, the division will be also involved in capacity building of officials, non-officials, rural organizations engaged in development of natural resources through a broad spectrum of Workshops/Seminars so as to reach out to different stakeholders. It will also try to establish linkage with various stakeholders engaged in this area as a strategy towards poverty reduction, employment generation and income addition as part of its goal to work towards sustainable livelihood opportunities for the poor.