Panel Discussion on What is AI and What it Can Do for Us?

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Panel Discussion on What is AI and What it Can Do for Us?

Prof. Balaraman Ravindran

Head, Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and AI and Head, Centre for Responsible AI (CeRAI)

Prof. Arpan Kumar Kar

Professor and Joint Faculty, Yardi ScAI, IIT Delhi

Dr. Abhinav Dhall

Head, Centre for Applied Research in Data Sciences, IIT Ropar

Prof. Deepak Garg

Director, and Vice Chancellor SR University

Dr. Manish Tiwari

Director, IGPP (Moderator)

AI has captured every dimension of our lives, from simply texting someone to carrying out complex tasks like medical diagnosis. AI is disrupting numerous delicate equilibrium and creating conflicts on various fronts. This fast-paced technological transformation has made policymaking challenging and reactive, leaving policymakers grappling with an ever-changing landscape. This paradigm shift necessitates policymakers to stay informed and grasp technology’s potential, opportunities and challenges that it offers.

As the conversation around AI is growing, it is necessary to have foundational clarity and understanding about this fast evolving technology. The Institute for Governance, Policies and Politics’s initiative- Emerging Technologies and AI: Governance and Policy Landscape seeks to help policymakers develop comprehensive approach to regulate AI which makes it more human-centric. In this light IGPP is organizing a series of panel discussions to build more clarity on the potentials of AI.

Objectives :
  • To help policymakers keep up with the latest developments in AI.
  • To help policymakers develop adequate understanding of the challenges and opportunities of AI and        make thoughtful and informed decisions.
  • To have comprehensive understanding of what AI means for different sectors and its use-cases.
  • To create a pool of knowledge regarding AI through the perspectives of different stakeholders.
  • To create a space for dialogues and discussions on the multi-dimensional impacts of AI.
  • Ultimately the objective of these discussions is to equip policymakers to make informed decisions.

IGPP strives to contribute to the domain of policy-making where decision-makers need to know how these AI based systems actually work so that they are able to regulate this technology.

The first panel discussion will establish the platform for discussion of the many facets of AI. Firstly, What is AI and What it Can Do for Us? It will highlight the foundations of AI, how it is transforming the industry and leading to innovation and how it is driving the economy towards exponential growth.

Panelists :

1.  Prof. Balaraman Ravindran, Head, Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and AI and Head, Centre for Responsible AI           (CeRAI);

2.  Prof. Arpan Kumar Kar, Professor, Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi and Joint Faculty, Yardi School of               Artificial Intelligence, IIT Delhi;

3.  Dr. Abhinav Dhall, Head, Centre for Applied Research in Data Sciences, IIT Ropar;

4.  Dr. Deepak Garg, Director, and Vice Chancellor, SR University;

5.  Dr. Manish Tiwari, Director, Institute for Governance,Policies and Politics (Moderator)

Discussion Points:
AI is Not New: Mapping the Recent Growth of This Technology

AI is not a new technology. It has been talked about, worked upon and implemented in various spheres. The panelists can begin by throwing some light on how AI has recently become the talk of every town with its wide-ranging scope and innovation at its centre.

Foundations of AI: Understanding the Foundation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Panelists will discuss how foundation models are created and deployed, the requirements to build one, expected and unexpected consequences of these models and other burning topics surrounding the use of large AI models.

AI for Development: Transforming Industry and Growing Economy

Panelists will shed light on how AI is leading the industry to new heights which is leading to the exponential growth of the economy. Also, AI as the biggest driver in India in its goal to become a $5 trillion economy.

AI for All: Democratization of AI

It will unfold how sectors like education, health and content creation are being transformed by AI and discussing its accessibility, availability and affordability.

Cutting Edge: AI Developments That are Steering the Future

Understanding today’s cutting-edge AI will help steer tomorrow’s innovation. Under this panelists will dive into the horizons of AI advancements and the use of AI for social good.


Nov 17 2023


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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