Workshop on ‘Artificial Intelligence for Policymakers’

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Workshop on ‘Artificial Intelligence for Policymakers’

Objectives :- 

1.  Equip policymakers with essential knowledge on the diverse applications of AI across sectors.

2.  Provide technical understanding of AI, what it can or cannot do, covering capabilities, limitations, potentials, challenges       and societal impacts.

3.  Keep policymakers informed about rapid AI developments for strategic decision-making.

4.  Foster an informed and strategic approach to policymaking in the AI era.

Workshop Structure:-

The workshop will feature speakers from different fields including industry professionals, AI experts, civil society representatives and policy experts. Speakers will cover diverse aspects of AI, crucial for effective policymaking.

Topics to be Covered :-
  1.  Exploring the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

  1.  AI for Development: Opportunities and Challenges

  1.  The Evolution and Future Trajectory of AI in India

  1.  Global Perspectives on AI


Feb 07 2024


9:00 am - 11:00 am

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