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Sarada Prasanna Das’s research interests revolve around the environment, livelihood, and developmental state. His current research looks at the sociology and politics of environmental regulation and governance in India. He has previously studied politics of development, politics of the environment, and protest in India.

Currently, he works as a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Policy Research and a Visiting Fellow at IGPP. He has worked on various research projects with government bodies, universities, and other reputed research organisations including CUTS Institute for Regulation & competition, Basix India, Centre for Applied Sociology, Centre for Social Research, Jawaharlal Nehru University, NCERT, University of Oxford, UK and Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.
He holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He also holds an M.Phil and M.A. degrees in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has to his credit various academic achievements including UGC-National Scholarship during his MA and awarded the Indian Council of Social Sciences Doctoral Fellowship during his Ph.D. He has published in several national and international journals including International Sociology, Political Studies Review, Samajshastra Sameeksha, amongst others.

2017: ‘Water Security and Hydro Politics in South Asia’, Pathways to Development, New Delhi, 12 December. (With Ira Sharma)
2017: ‘India’s Water Security: Preserving every drop is critical in a legislative chaos’ Pathways to Development, New Delhi, 24 October. (With Ira Sharma)
2017: ‘Will a Permanent Tribunal Resolve India’s Water-Sharing Disputes?’ Pathways to Development, New Delhi, 30 August. (With Ira Sharma)
2016: ‘India Has Legislative Solutions to Its Water Management Problems, But Will They Work?’ The Wire. New Delhi, 07 October. (With Ashwini K. Swain)

2017: ‘Chronic Poverty in India: Issues, Policies and Challenges’ (edited), New Delhi: Vitasta Publishing. (With Anand Kumar and Ashish K. Das).

Articles/Book Chapters
2020: ‘Development and Resistance: A Case of the Dongria Kondhs of Niyamgiri, Lanjigarh in Odisha’ in Yatindra Singh Sisodia and Tapas Kumar Dalapati (Edited) ‘Strategies for Human Development and People’s Participation: Challenges and Prospects in Rural India’, New Delhi, Primus Books. (With Subash Ranjan Nayak)
2019: ‘Development of Eco/Ethno-Tourism: A Sociological Analysis of Human Safari in Odisha’ Social Vision, 6 (3): 62-71. ISSN: 2349-0519, General Impact Factor: 2.322
2019: ‘Livelihood Empowerment and Integrated Risk Management in Agriculture: Prospects and Possibilities’ Desh Vikash, 6 (2): 111-117. ISSN: 2394-1782, General Impact Factor: 2.2376
2019: ‘Agricultural Sustainability under Resource Scarcity’, Kurukshetra, 67(5): 37-39. ISSN:0023-5660. (With Ashwini K Swain & Ira Sharma)
2018: ‘Livelihood and Environmental Conflicts: An Analysis of Development and Protests in Odisha’ in Detlef Briesen (Edited) Armed Conflict and Environment, Baden-Baden-Germany, Nomos publication.
2018: ‘Mining and Deforestation: An analysis of Rural Lives and Livelihood of Mining Areas of Odisha’, IGPP-VMF Working Papers in South Asian Governance, Policies and Politics-No-1, New Delhi: Institute for Governance, Policies & Politics. ISBN: 978-81-938698-0-2
2017: ‘Taking India Beyond Chronic Poverty’ in Anand Kumar etal. (Edited) Chronic Poverty in India: Issues, Policies and Challenges, New Delhi: Vitasta Publishing, pp. 595-606. (With Anand Kumar). ISBN-978-93-82711-92-6
2017: ‘Linkages between Environment and Poverty: An Analysis of Development and Protest in Odisha’ in Anand Kumar etal. (Edited) Chronic Poverty in India: Issues, Policies and Challenges, New Delhi: Vitasta Publishing, pp. 485-504. ISBN-978-93-82711-92-6
2016: ‘Interrogating South Asia’s Hydro Politics: Implications for Water Security and Hydro-Power Cooperation in the Sub-Continent’, Discussion Paper, Jaipur, CUTS International.
2014: ‘Does India need an Independent Regulator to Improve Environmental Governance?’CIRC Issues note 09, New Delhi: CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition.
2014: ‘Lanjigarh mei ‘Niyam Raja’ ko leke sangharsh’ (Hindi) Bharatiya Samaj Shastra Samikhya, 1 (1): 121-126. ISSN no: 2349-1396
2005: ‘Globalization and Agriculture’ Third Concept: An International Journal of Ideas, 19 (229): 23-28. ISSN: 0970-7247

Book Reviews
2019: Book Review of David Naguib Pellow (2012) “What is Critical Environmental Justice?” Polity, Cambridge in International Sociology; 32 (2): 231-233. ISSN: 0268-5809
2013: Book Review of Sujit Kumar Choudhary (2012) “NGOs, Education and Social Capital: A Micro Study of Tribals”,Satyam Books: New Delhi in International Sociology; 28 (5): 569-571. ISSN: 0268-5809
2012: Book Review of Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz and Timothy Patrick Moran (2009) “Unveiling Inequality: A World Historical Perspective”, Russell Sage Foundation: New York, in International Sociology, 27 (2): 202-204. ISSN: 0268-5809
2010: Book Review of Mark J. Smith & Piya Pangsapa (2008) “Environment & Citizenship: Integrating Justice, Responsibility and Civic Engagement”, London: Zed Books, in Political Studies Review, 2010, 8 (2): 260. ISSN: 1478-9302.

Consultancy Reports
2016: Co-authored report entitled “Evaluation of Crop Insurance Product in Karnataka”(Rural Insurance Service Programme, GIZ, India), New Delhi: Institute for Governance, Policies & Politics.
2016: Co-authored report entitled “Evaluation of Integrated Risk Management in Agriculture in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana”, New Delhi: Institute for Governance, Policies & Politics.
2015: Co-authored report on “Mainstreaming Sustainable Development: A Quick Diagnostic of Key Challenges and Opportunities for Water, Energy & Food Security in South Asia” Jaipur, CUTS International.
2015: Report entitled “Constraints to Growth of Micro, Small and Medium Online Business in India”, CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition, New Delhi.


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