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Report Launch of What Indian Parliamentarians Think of AI?

The Institute for Governance, Policies and Politics in association with AIKC presents a survey report on What the Indian Parliamentarians Think of AI? The comprehensive survey has illuminated several challenges faced by parliamentarians in navigating the AI landscape.

The report highlights four major aspects of how AWARE are parliamentarians about AI, how do they PERCEIVE it, what do they EXPECT from it and how do they view its REGULATION

Let’s delve into a few critical points from our report:

1. Lack of Awareness: A substantial portion of parliamentarians lacks a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of AI, hampering their ability to make informed decisions on policies.

2. Policy Implementation Challenges: The survey highlights multifaceted challenges in effectively implementing AI-related policies, including limited expertise, the rapid evolution of AI technologies and the need to balance a human-centric regulatory approach with accelerating economic growth through innovation.

3. Perception Concerns: Concerns about negative perception and understanding of AI underscore the need for transparent communication to build trust and acceptance.

4. Regulatory Approach: The survey findings reveal that the majority of Indian parliamentarians advocate for stringent control of artificial intelligence (AI) by the central government, expressing the sentiment that the current legislative framework is deemed insufficient for effective governance of this rapidly advancing technology. Again, one cannot miss the need for a multi-stakeholder collaborative approach to effectively regulate AI so that innovation isn’t stifled.

These findings are not mere observations; they are the foundation upon which IGPP in association with AIKC wishes to build actionable solutions. We are committed to actively addressing these challenges through collaborative initiatives, knowledge exchange, and strategic interventions.


Mar 07 2024


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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